Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Drawing Lessons - Super Simple Series

Hey people of the world!!

Today I want to inform you of some changes I'm making, and to present to you..... The Super Simple Series!

simple step by step drawing lessons

I feel like my drawing lessons are really in depth, and full of quality information. I do however want to try something a bit different. I wanted to make a series of lessons that will be good not only for intermediate artists, but also for beginners and kids.

So that's what this series of drawing lessons is all about. Simple and easy lessons. Good for kids and beginners. Step by step. I still don't know how many lessons will be in this series, but for now I assume it to be around 6.


Drawing Lessons in the SSSeries (list will be updated):

1. How to draw a Lion
2. ?


Please let me know if this improves the quality and the ability to learn from the lessons. If it does, I might stick with it for a longer while....

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Until next time....

- Liron

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