Friday, May 10, 2013

How to draw a Ferrari Enzo!!

Yo yo yo!

Today's drawing lesson is going to be a part two, for my first lesson on how to draw a ferrari 355 F1.

This time we will learn how to draw the Ferrari Enzo, which is... well... AWESOME!

So lets jump right into it.

The Ferrari I will be drawing, will be facing away from us, turned a bit to the side. This calls for two points perspective. This is how I built the angle:

draw ferrari enzo perspective box

If you want a more in depth explanation on drawing in perspective, check out my lesson, on How to draw in perspective - One point.

Now see if you can tell where the two points are. In case you are having a hard time (one of them is easier to find then the other), I made this just for you:

draw ferrari enzo perspective vanishing point

Now you can see how the two points are actually very far from each other. I used 3 papers for this, one for drawing, and two more for each point.

After we set up the perspective, it is time to draw the basic lines of the Ferrari Enzo. This step is crucial, since we have to make sure it all fits in the perspective the way it should, and that all the lines are in agreement with the perspective.

Here is the basic sketch:

draw ferrari enzo rough sketch draft

Notice how all lines, even the curved ones, are congruent with the perspective. Drawing curved lines in this manner is quite challenging, since there are no clear rules. You have to observe the object you are drawing, and pay close attention to the curves, from different angles.

Here is the sketch, together with the perspective lines:

draw ferrari enzo rough sketch draft perspective guidlines

Now its time for my favorite (and for me, the toughest) part. Adding the details. I add all the lights, the wheels, the details on the body of the car, and the details and way he doors are built.

Here is what I came up with:

draw ferrari enzo pencil details

Pay attention to how the details I added are also congruent with the perspective. This is especially noticeable in the back part of the car.

draw ferrari enzo pencil perspective guidlines

Next thing I do, is cleaning the drawing from all excessive and unnecessary lines. This lets you understand better, what you drew and how the car "behaves" in space. This is a preparation for the next step, which is coloring!

I use my favourite method of placing the paper on the window, and coloring onto a new paper. Here are some examples of the process:

draw ferrari enzo color process

draw ferrari enzo color process

draw ferrari enzo colors

So the last example is the finished, scanned and colored drawing.

Now its time to ink this beast. The thing is, this time, I'm not going to use a nib pen, but rather a Micron Pigma black pen, by Sakura. The reason I won't be using a nib pen this time, is that this Ferrari is built from many curved lines, and the Micron Pigma works great with these lines. Also, this pen draws amazingly ON/OVER colored pencils, something that the nib pen sometimes has a hard time doing.

Here are some examples of using the pen, especially on tough spots, and long curvy lines:

draw ferrari enzo ink process

draw ferrari enzo ink process

Like on previous lessons, since we first colored, and only then inked, the lines sort of make themselves POP with the help of the colors. For this reason, we can be extremely minimalistic with our use of the ink.

Here is an example of minimalistic use of ink, by leaving a line open and unfinished:

draw ferrari enzo ink process fast

Here is the final version of the drawing, colored and inked:

draw ferrari enzo finished

Let me know what you think of the drawing, and if this drawing lesson helped you.

I will make another lesson real soon!


- Liron


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    1. Thanks! Hope this helps some people out [=

  2. Remember that Ferrari tried to make their cars designed differently from any other cars. Their design is unique, which makes them stand out from other cars, giving them a monstrous look. I think that their design is unique and cool looking, well, for me anyways. Thanks for the tutorial!

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