Saturday, April 13, 2013

Israeli and Jewish Holidays Food!

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This post is sort of a "part 2" to the Israeli (and Middle Eastern) Foods! post. This one is going to be about Israeli Jewish foods for holidays. Most of these are regular foods! But eating them bacame a tradition in Israel.

So lets get on with the foods!

Sufganiot (Doughnuts)

draw sufganiot doughnuts

This is the Israeli equivalent of doughnuts. It is eaten during "Hanukkah" holiday (which takes place at about same the time as Christmas).

These are made from a dough which is deep fried in oil. The Sufgania can be filled with different creams, but is most commonly filled with strawberry jam. It is highly delicious, and contains at least 350 calories for each one =P

I find myself eating at least 4 every holiday, I love these!

Passover foods

Passover plate:

draw passover plate

This is the traditional passover plate, which contains (from top, going clockwise): "hazeret" (horseradish), "charoset" (mashed paste, usually made from apples), "zroa" (chicken), "maror" (Lettuce), eggs and "carpas" (usually celery or parsley).

The infamous Matzo

draw matzo

This cardboard like unleavened bread is one of the most well known foods connected to passover. On passover, Jewish and traditional people do not eat "Chametz" (which refers to any leavened food). The reason is the when the Jewish people left Egypt (exodus), their dough wasn't leavened.

It isn't so tasty and I personally refrain from eating it [=

"Bikurim" basket

draw bikurim basket

This is a basket filled with the first harvesting on "Shavuot" (which literally means "weeks") holiday.
It is filled with all sorts of goodies!

Dried fruit

draw dried fruit

These are eaten on "Tu Bishvat", which is a holiday to celebrate nature, and the growth of it. On "Tu Bishvat", it is also a tradition to plant trees.

"Oznei Haman"

draw oznei haman ears

"Oznei Haman" (literally means "Haman's ears"), also called "Hamantash", are pocket shaped pastry. It is usually filled with Poppy seeds, and sometimes with prunes, apples or cherries.
These are eaten on "Purim" holiday, and are named after "Haman", which is the villain in the book of Esther, which is read during this holiday. Another funny fact - when reading the book of Esther, every time haman's name comes up, all the children clap their hands and stomp their feet to make noise.

And now, last but not least...

"Lag Ba Omer"

draw potatos marshmallow bonfire

"lag Ba Omer", which means the 33rd day in the "Omer" count, is usually celebrated buy lighting bonfires throughout Israeli. Every Israeli kid has his memories of collecting wood with friends, weeks ahead of the holiday. In this holiday, it is common to eat Potatoes which have been covered in foil and thrown to the bonfire, and burnt marshmallows.

One of my personal favorites! [=


That's it for today's post. Hope you learned some new things and enjoyed the drawings!

Next post will also be a sort of part 2, you will have to wait and see....

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